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state: first draft (complete)
last update: 1999 September 3

Killing Buddha

By Kevin Kelleher

  1. Preface
  2. Never Climb the Duomo
  3. Avoid Talkative Strangers
  4. Don't Drink With Lunch
  5. Stick With the Hollywood Ending
  6. Don't Discuss the Price if You're Not Selling
  7. Don't Ride With Strangers
  8. Angel of Light
  9. First and Second Objective Correlatives
  10. Third and Fourth Objective Correlatives
  11. Fifth Objective Correlative
  12. Please Leave a Message
  13. Name Your Price and I'll Pay It
  14. Free Sample, No Obligation
  15. A Very Small Window
  16. He Who Hesitates Is Sometimes Saved
  17. Just Use Your Hands
  18. You Will Always Get Caught
  19. Postscript

[ other works-in-progress ]