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last update: 2000 January 20

Eddie Hive: First Man in Space


By Kevin Kelleher

JUNE 1, 1962 - cutoff date for applications for second group of astronaunts. in july applicants went to Brooks Air Force Base, TExas to AF school of aerospace medicine for tests.

second nine: neil armstrong, elliot see (both civilians), Frank Borman, Jim McDivitt, Tom Stafford (AF, from edwards), Ed White (AF), Pete Conrad, Jim Lovell, John Young (navy)

classes in computers and orbital mechanics.

at 22,300 miles, one orbit takes 24 hours (geosynchronous)

June 5, 1963 - release of announcement in search of new astronaunts. mid-july deadline.

the third group, the fourteen.

nobody knew about weightlessness problems. some cosmonaunts reported nausea and malaise.

flying the parabolic arcs in the zero-g plane (another eddie guinea pig thing)


oxygen tank blew up on apollo 13. had to use air from lunar module.

alexei leonov stepped outside voskhod ii for 10 min and so became first space walker

gemini 7 was a marathon lasting two weeks, to see if weightlessness was bearable.

flapper valves keep blood from falling in wrong place in body so that blood circulates in right direction. in weightlessness, these valves are not needed , and they could atrophy.

oct 25, 1965. gemini 6's agena blows up six minutes after takeoff, so they docked with gemini 7 instead. wally laughed off the scientists' requests for experiments. he let stafford analyze the rendezvous problem, but his BEAT ARMY sign in the window, play jingle bells on a harmonica, and come home and have a cigarette. "Cornbeef John Young would have gotten skinned alive for such corn, but Wally somehow carried off with elan." schirra and stafford had launch problem: silence after ignition. could have indicated that the engine might tip over and explode, having released AFTER liftoff, or else (safe alternative, and what really happened) stopped just BEFORE liftoff and still bolted to base. next day found that an electrical plug shook loose. also was a plastic dust cover carelessly left in a fuel line that would have blocked the launch anyway.

see and basset killed in T-38 accident, 1966. also in march 1966 hired "as many as qualified" astronaunt applications because it looked like the future flight schedule was going to be packed. Dupped the Original Nineteen. A year later, Eleven (the excess eleven) more chosen.

gemini 8 had a wild spin problem. 800 degrees per second

gemini 9 couldn't dock with agena because of "angry alligator" nose cone that hadn't come off.

helicopter training to learn how to land lunar module, left hand has up/down and throttle control, right has amount of fuel in carburator, and feet control direction.

jan 27, 1967 - the fire, apollo 1

second flight called apollo 7 because of the six unmanned test flights before.

atlas booster of merc program had 50 unmanned tests before glenn rode it, and almost as many for the titan II that started with gemini 3. saturn v had only 2 unmanned tests.

russians were rumored to be building a moon rocket with 11-14 million lb thrust (cf saturn v's 7.5 million) -- link with summer of 69 blockhouse slaugher-explosion.

tranquility base 1 degree above lunar equator and 24 degrees right of center line. sun behind them as they land at an angle of 10 degrees. moon in waxing crescent at the time. they landed just outside the rim of darkness. There is only one day in the month that is good for landing. calculate phases for hive trip.

lunar soil is dark grey

launch, translunar injection (TLI), transposition and docking (T&D), lunar orbit insertion (loi), descent orbit insertion and powered descent initiation (doi/pdi), landing, eva (extravehicular activity), liftoff, rendezvous, transearth injection (tei), entry

collins said that moon flight would be last flight, had had enough.

in one simulation neil had killed them both, and buzz was really upset about it.

remember that collins was almost out for the operation on his cervical spine. buzz gloomy because he would be the second out (neil exercised commander's prerogative).

russian probe, luna 15, preceded apollo to moon by a few days.

originally soviets had pilot eject and capsule crash land.

krushchev in nyc sept 19, 1960 until oct 13, during a window for a mars launch. rockets fizzled on the launch pad (cot 10 and 14). this is the time he pounded his show at the un

on the 23rd, the window about to close, third rocket failed to ignite. field marshal mitrovan nedelin ordered technicians to leave blockhouse and see what was wrong. suddenly rocket exploded. estimates of dead range from scores to hundreds.

soviet scientists worked on rockets in "concentration camps."

soviet a-bomb 1953 sputnik 1957 (Oct 4)

Mercury announced april 1959

1961: April 12 Gagarin flight (first orbital flight) Aug 31 Berlin wall May 5 Shepard first flight

69 moon launch 70 mars launch 72 return 73 fless dies dec 25 dec 25 74 hive speaks dec 16 dec 16 75 second mars launch


at time of nixon/jfk contest, 36 satellites in orbit; 28 were American.

/*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%*/ 1960 july 29 - highly publicized - canvaveral - ma-1 (mercury/atlas) - rainy day - after 60 sec, directly overhead, kaboom! rocket's momentum carried debris away. later in the year (no date) mr-1: flames, power, then abrupt shutoff and rocket settles back on pad (only rose six inches). POP! and escape capsule flies 4000 feet in air and parachutes back to earth like a party favor. august 19, 20 strelka and belka (sputnik 5) oct 10-14 two soviet rockets "failed in flight" during khrushchev's nyc un visit -- unmanned mars launch? -- check to see if big accident oct 13 - us puts three mice (amy, sally, moe) in suborbital flight on Atlas nov - first redstone/mercury mating failed dec 2 - sputnik 6 two dogs, 24 hrs up, burns up on reentry (reentered at too steep an angle) next day korolev heart attack. diagnosed with kidney disorder and prescribed long rest. dec 19 - SUCCESS. first redstone launched from cape canaveral mr-1a. 131 miles. (mr = mercury/redstone)

1961 jan 19 - announced to astronauts that al makes first flight jan 31 - ham's flight (chimp) on mr-2 velocity 1000 f/s faster than expected; 17 g's faulty valve caused cabin pressure to drop from 5.5 to 1 lb/ landed 130 miles past target mar 9 - dummy and dog soviet test of vostok mar 24 - mr-bd sent to test 7 modifications-- went off w/o a hitch it could have carried a man, but vB insisted on testing mar 25 - last test launch for vostock before manned launch dummy and dog apr 12 - af major yuri gagarin in vostok 1, one orbit (108 min) ejected on reentry, parachuted into a pasture. apr 20 - harold graham flies rocket belt MAY - NERVA (nuclear rocket) project approved by kennedy may 5 alan shepherd (originally scheduled for may 2) july 21 grissom aug 6-7 gherman titov, vostok 2 (17 orbits, 25 hrs, 18 min) nov 29 enos (chimp) makes 2 orbits, aborted for abnormal roll dec 20 - skatback (monkey) launched on atlas

1962 GLENN'S FLIGHT - false signal of loose heat shield (3 orbits)

1964 oct 13 - krushchev relieved of all responsibilities

1966 korolev entered hospital at age 58 for removal of hemorrhoids. surgeon found cancer of colon, and decided to attack it without proper equipment or preparation. Korolev died on the table. soon after voskhod I, his nerve-wracked comrade Voskresensky dead at 52.

1967 jan 27 - first apollo mission -- FIRE

1968 mar 27 - yuri garagin dies in aircraft accident (mig 15) apr 4 - second saturn v flight, unmanned. apollo 6 into earth orbit sept 14 zond 5 circles moon w-tortoises, wine flies, meal worms, bacteria and plants oct 11-22 apollo 7 does 163 orbits of earth nov 10 - zond 6 circles moon nov 16 soviet proton 4 auto space lab dec 21-27 apollo 8 orbit moon 10 times first manned orbit of moon

1969 soviet docking experiments at beginning of year feb 24 mariner 6 closeup photos of moon mar 3-13 apollo 9 docking test mar 20 NERVA tests reach 50 000 lb thrust (up to 75 000) intended to test flight in late 1970s. may 18-26 apollo 10 does all but land june - NERVA tests successfully with many switch on/off july 3 - soviet super booster explodes and badly damages launch pad july 13 american landing (soviet crash landing of unmanned probe)

/*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%*/ MOON LANDING NOTES

it was a rainy day. in fact, there were thunderstorms.

- houston, tranquility base here. the eagle has landed. - a very smooth touchdown.

SUNDAY JULY 20, 1969

columbia - command module eagle - lunar module

4:15 landing 10:15 moon walk

"soil fine and powdery, adheres in fine layers like powdered charcoal. I go in a fraction of an inch, maybe an eighth of an inch."

19 min alone (armstrong) then aldrin joined.

nixon was president

had to maually adjust--computer was guiding toward hazard. landed on equator.

movies then out: i am curious (yellow), romeo & juliet, goodby columbus, the graduate

armstrong was accident-prone he was particularly silent during trip to moon.

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